Friday, September 4, 2009

Do You Have What it Takes?

WARNING! Selling online is not for the light of heart!

I've learned so much from other artists much like myself, and am so thankful for their generosity of shared knowledge. Having knowledge allows us to move forward with great speed.

Launching BeadCrazed on Etsy in March 2009 and my second shop on ArtFire more recently, I've journeyed into the world of online selling and marketing. I've discovered that possessing the skill and artistry necessary to create your craft is only the beginning!

1. First and foremost, you are an Artist. Love what you do, and do it for that reason. If you decide to take the next step and sell online, be sure what you're selling is something people will buy. If it is, you're on your way!
2. You are a Photographer. Can't touch it, feel it, smell it. Share your love of what you do with eye-catching, well edited photos.
3. You are a Creative Writer. Clear, concise, and accurate descriptions are required.
4. You are a Marketer. How else do you spread the word, and share what you do!
5. You are a Public Relations expert. Communicate with your customers and potential buyers in a friendly, efficient manner.


6. Hopefully, you'll spend a lot of time in the mail room. Presentation is important, and packaging and addressing for safe arrival is necessary.

You'll find me on Facebook, here on Blogger and on Twitter . Networking with other sellers, reaching out to potential new customers and sharing my love of what I do and all things handmade.

Look for my new Tuesday blog feature "Tuesday's Tip" where I'll share what I learn along the way. Let's not re-invent the wheel!


  1. That's very encouraging and helpful! I will be checking those Tuesday tips!

  2. Thanks for all the good advice. I agree with a lot of what you've written. I do think that if you embrace the first step, of being an artist and being genuine about your approach, everything else will follow. Passion for your craft is a fuel for success that not everyone has.

    Best of luck!

  3. This is so true. I always tell people that running an Etsy shop never gets boring because you wear so many hats.