Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar #2 Taking Great Photos

Can't touch it, feel it, smell it. Share your love of what you do with eye-catching, well edited photos. Whether selling online, posting to a blog or an online photo sharing site, great photos speak volumes.

You don't need an expensive camera to take great photos. I use an older model Pentax Optio M10 6.0 megapixel "point and shoot". What you do need, is a macro setting. While you can use a digital camera at the standard settings, you can often see much more detail by using the macro setting on the camera. A macro setting changes the focus of the camera so it can focus on very close objects. The macro setting is for photographing objects within a few inches away.

You don't need an expensive, elaborate photo studio to take great photos. My best photos are taken outdoors, in natural light, on a cloudy day with no flash. This isn't always feasible, so an alternative is an inexpensive do-it-yourself set up such as this Macro Studio posted on Strobist.blogspot.com

Take many shots from several different angles, keep the background simple and uncluttered. I recommend purchasing a table top tripod, you'll get better focus and clearer images. I usually take 15-20 photos to get 1 or 2 I'm really happy with.

Next Tuesday I'll share my tips for photo editing, to make these great photos even better!

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  1. THIS IS AMAZING! (I'm sorry, I know I'm shouting again.) I NEED to make one of these, and I'm going to right now! Thank you so much for the photo tips. Your jewelry photos are phenomenal.

    And I do have a tabletop tripod, at my boyfriend's recommendation, and I do concur! The tripod improved my photos 200%. And NOW they'll be 1000%, thanks to you!