Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar: It's a Wrap

When selling your handmade products online, take the time to ensure they are packaged nicely, and shipped with care. Great customer service like this gives your buyers another reason to shop with you again. Whether it's the least expensive item in your shop or your priciest piece, small details can make a big difference and set you apart from your competition. Let your customers know that you take great pride in your work, and in turn they will have confidence that you are a professional business owner.

You don't have to go to great expense, you just have to be creative. Make your own packaging by hand and save money, and add to the handmade feel of your product. Recycled paper of all sorts, and clean like-new used boxes can be painted and stamped, just as an example. Let your customers know if you use recycled packaging, most will appreciate that too.

Another option is to buy new packaging materials at dollar and discount stores and from craft store clearance bins. I recently picked up some cute Chinese take-out boxes at my local Michael's store.

Make it personal and connect with your customer. Include a small note of thanks, perhaps a business card and maybe a coupon for a discount on a future purchase. Ideally, your customers will come back time and time again, knowing to expect the very best.

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  1. Great advice. I totally agree with you that small details will definitely set you apart from your competition. I use recycled materials in my packaging, and with a little bit of creativity, I make them look special and appealing. I always include a written thank you note.