Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar #1

Stretch your creativity and stay motivated.

One way to do this is by getting involved in a challenge. There are many out there, formal and informal, organized by teams and groups, or by individuals on their blogs. You just have to look to find one that’s right for you. I came across the 30 Days Hath September Make 'n’ Tell Challenge initiated by Laura Yona of A Frayed Knot Knits. Laura invites anyone to join in, at anytime during the month of September. I am joining in today on Day 8 of the challenge. It’s essentially Show and Tell with a creative twist, if you like to blog, I invite you to join this challenge with me!

Complete rules are posted on the A Frayed Knot Knits website

Summary of the rules

1. The Make can be in any medium
2. The Tell must include at least one photo
3. The Tell must occur on the same day as the Make
4. The Make may be derivative but may not be wholly unoriginal
5. There should be a Make'n'Tell every day of the month
6. The Make should be either a complete work OR consist of at least 30 minutes of work on an ongoing project
7. The Make can be similar to a previously completed project
8. 30 Days Hath September Make'n'Tell will last for the 30 days of September


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  2. Yaa, you're JOINING! This is fantastic, I can't wait to see what you're gonna do! I'm so happy you're on the team!